What exactly is a cookie?

A “cookie” is essentially a small piece of data stored on your computer’s hard drive. It records your activity on a website, allowing for personalized options upon your return. Cookies serve various purposes, including traffic analysis and marketing efforts.

Nearly every website utilizes cookies, and they pose no threat to your system.

If you wish to manage your cookie preferences, you can typically do so through your browser settings. You have the option to block cookies at any time, although by continuing to browse without doing so, you consent to their use. Note that blocking all cookies, including essential ones, may limit your access to certain parts of a site.

How are cookies utilized?

Cookies help us track your website usage, enabling us to identify patterns and improve our services accordingly.

There are two main types of cookies:

  • Session cookies: These are temporary and vanish once you close your browser. They don’t gather personal data but allow for seamless browsing.
  • Persistent cookies: These remain on your computer after you close your browser and are utilized by websites upon your return, such as Google Analytics.

Cookies are further classified as:

  • Strictly necessary cookies: Essential for website functionality, they cannot be disabled and don’t collect personal data.
  • Performance cookies: They aid in monitoring and enhancing website performance.
  • Functionality cookies: These remember your preferences and provide enhanced features, often in an anonymized manner.

Please be aware that third-party cookies, used by advertisers or external service providers, may also be present on our website, but we have no control over them.